Payment Method

We accept Credit card Debit card and Bank card are available.
Payments can also be made at  our Shop Shinjuku Tokyo.

We hope you enjoy your tour and we'll send your invoice to your email.Thank you once again for ordering.

1. Please choose PayPal as a payment method when ordering.

2. You will receive a notification of the total amount to be paid from us via PayPal.

3. After you agree to pay via PayPal and we confirm our receipt of the total amount,  your order will be completed.

4. Please note that we assume you cancel your order if we do not receive the amount within 5 days after the notification of the total amount.
The total amount includes your ordered items, and PayPal fees.

PayPal fees are calculated as follows.
(Total amount of your ordered items ) X 7% For example,

Total amount of your ordered items:JPY10,000-
PayPal fees (10,000) X 7%:JPY700- 
Total amount to be paid via PayPal : JPY10,700-

Paypal accept Credit card Bank card and also
Debit card  available.Thank you !


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