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Hello, I'm Mickey,
having lived in Tokyo and nearby Yokohama for 30 years.

I'm originally from Ise city in Mie pref. where Japan's most prestigious Shinto shrine is located.

Before becoming a guide, I worked for a global car maker and always enjoyed communicating with people from different backgrounds.

I'm also a tanka(Japanese traditional poetry) poet and published two collections of my tanka poems. I love exploring nature, practicing Japanese tea ceremony, and  watching Noh classic performing art which is deeply related to tanka.

 All these experiences helped to enrich my knowledge of Japanese culture and history, and develop my capability of telling a story behind them.

My motto as a guide is to treasure every encounter, make my tours flexible to meet your interest.

Let's discover the countless charms of Tokyo with me!


My name is Nao.
I was born in Tokyo, Japan.

I have been living in Tokyo for a long time.  Exceptions were two years in Tashkent,Uzbekistan, three years in London, the U.K., and seven years in Kyoto and Osaka.

Therefore I can answer your request to almost all kinds of Japan and Japanese.

As I worked for a Japanese bank and Japanese manufacturer, I can give you Japanese economic activities in depth.

My hobby is playing the classical guitar. I can play some Japanese nostalgic and national melodies not but standard musical pieces.

Now I am enthusiastically absorbed in gardening and cooking. I grow herbs on the balcony and use them for cooking.

My creed as a guide is to assist you to visit many places in Japan, experience them, and make good memories.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.


I like to make tours flexible as guests like.   

Art, religion, foodie, nature are my favorite fields.  I also have certificate as a medical interpreter and I'm willing to help guests at hospitals or even online.

My hobbies are travelling, visiting museums and gardens.

Recently, I've started guide Japanese guests, too.  I've been more into Tokyo's history.

As a guide, I try to understand guests' intention.  My tour is always just as you like to make once in a lifetime experience.

Hi, my future guest!  I've been waiting for you so long!

 I'm so excited to see you!


Hi, there my name is Terry.

During my college days, I learned the importance of language-free communication from my experience studying abroad in the USA.

My family had many literary jobs such as newspaper reporters and journalists, so I started working as an interpreter under the influence of that.

I have been active as a professional interpreter for over 20 years. 

In addition, I am also active as a lecturer for tourism companies and a legal interpreter, which is a national project.

Not only as an interpreter guide for the country, but also as a volunteer activity as a city guide so that many foreigners can enjoy their stay in a stress free environment where they do not feel the language barrier.

You will be able to feel the Tokyo ID in the tour that focuses on nighttime contents, which is especially super rare.

We want you to fully enjoy the culture and history of Japan day and night.

We will introduce many urban melting spots that have been reconstructed by mixing different cultures in old fashioned back streets where you can feel the history and culture of the city.

We are waiting for you with an organized support so that you can enjoy the city with peace of mind at any time.


I like walking,  reading books,
 eating delicious food, traveling 
both domestic and overseas, and watching movies.

I also like to do yoga and meditate.
I sometimes stay at a hotel. It’s fun to change a little bit my surroundings. Having coffee at a cafe with a good atmosphere is really great!

What would you like to do when coming to Japan?

Would you like to try Japanese cultural experience such as tea ceremony,flower arrangement, or calligraphy? Furthermore, visiting shrines and temples, wearing kimono, eating, shopping, you name it!

Please tell me what you want.

I also want you to enjoy Japanese food. Not only susi, tempura, ramen noodles, but Japanese confectionary using anko (sweet bean paste) or Japanese sake! Don’t forget to buy souvenir before leaving Japan. How about a folding fan, a wrapping cloth, or traditional Japanese socks?

They are not big and heavy, so easy to carry. I also recommend Japanese snacks and sake. There are many items that you can’t get any other places.

 I think the most important thing is having fun during your stay!
 I’d appreciate if I could guide you and help you!

Thank you!

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